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A remark on the relaunch of EI

In EI on August 23, 2009 at 2:01 pm

For those of you who have checked this site periodically, and continued to do so despite there not being a new post in almost a year, I welcome you back and am extremely grateful for your interest. For those who have somehow stumbled upon this blog for the first time, welcome.

Being a graduate student and having to write 20 page papers, while working on a thesis, I sadly did not have any time to dedicate myself to writing periodically about current affairs, something that this blog requires. Instead, EI had to collect dust. But it is back, and hopefully better than its predecessor.

I’m frustrated because I just do not have the time to learn the code and make the blog distinct in its own way, in order to express itself and allow it to transform and become its own as it develops. Instead, I am forced to rely on pre-made templates that best represents how I have envisioned this site to be. We are almost there.

I’m not going to divulge the whole plan that I have for EI, but just to say that there is one. The main purpose of the site is to act on what the likes of Henry Kissinger, Joseph Nye, and John Stewart have observed. There is a recent trend of many Americans to be ambivalent to world affairs. Instead, focus seems to be on pop culture, entertainment and domestic events. Now, this site is not just for Americans, its existence is to serve the populations residing on this planet. While all three of these do have their merits, world affairs are nevertheless just as important, especially when the United States is the world superpower. If foreign policy will be made by my generation, then it better be made by an astute, educated generation that has a profound knowledge of world politics. This project hopes to contribute to that learning experience.

To all of you I give a warm welcome. As time will pass, the posts on this blog will increase. I am always on the look out for contributers who have the same passion of world politics as I do. Please make yourselves known. Send me an e-mail at and let’s have a conversation. I hope all of you further enjoy the contributions on this blog. I enjoy making them.


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