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The Times They Are a-Changin’

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2012 at 10:12 am

It is really no surprise that if you stop writing a blog about politics for almost three years the world will change. Even with the posts on the front page before this one was published, I could see a list of my favorite podcasts. Now some of those podcasts, particularly from CNN, you have to pay for. I wonder how many people stopped listening? 

Apparently the last post was the debate regarding Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Wow, I had forgotten he won the thing.

Today we have the Arab Spring, the upcoming Presidential Election, the current Republican Primary, Iran’s resolve in obtaining a nuclear weapon, North Korea, European Migration, the crisis in the EU (which I think some posts were pretty much right on the money, despite me being typically anti-EU), the resolution in Myanmar (Burma), to name a few.

In fact, when those posts were last posted, I believe I was watching Gadaffi’s crazy stint in New York City. Now he no longer exists. Tunisia has changed, Egypt is changing, Yemen, Syria, even the confidence of Europe and the United States is shaken. Were the times in 2009, despite the “Great Recession,” a more stable time? Do we have even more uncertainty now than we did back then? Even when I look at my own life, do I have more or less confidence for the future?

2009 to 2012, three years, but boy, what those three years have been. Many probably see them as feeling like a decade, some probably see 2009 as yesterday. Regardless, we are in a different world now, and who knows what the next three years will turn into.

It is an exciting time for those interested in politics, international relations, and global economics. There are a lot of things to discuss, debate, and really just sit back in wonderment as events, some horrific and some not, literally take place before our eyes. 

In the next few posts you can expect my thoughts on the Republican Primary, the upcoming Presidential Election and other issues related to Europe. As I am currently based in the Netherlands I will also try to throw in some Dutch politics for good measure, which is also quite colorful thanks to a Mr. Wilders. 

For those who check this thing from time to time (if you are still there) thanks for hanging in there with me.

For those who are new, welcome, and lets get the debates started again.


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