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About Us

Escape Indifference is a project to escape apathy. A need to promote, criticize or question our world, in order to contribute something rather than watching it pass us by. This web-site is driven by the readers, not the writers. You can make it better, you can contribute something by commenting on what others have wrote, and then write something yourself.

The themes are mostly related to politics and are tied to current events. One cannot simply understand what this site can do just from reading this section, but by exploring all the different entries, seeing where they are coming from and how they are made.

There is a recent trend in the United States, of the American population being ambivalent to world affairs. Instead, focus seems to be on pop culture, entertainment and events. While all three of these do have their merits, world affairs are nevertheless just as important, especially when the U.S. is the world super power. If foreign policy will be made by our generation, then it better be made by an astute, educated generation with a profound knowledge of world politics. This project hopes to contribute to that learning experience.

To all of you we give a warm welcome. As time will pass the posts on this blog will increase. We are always on the look-out for contributers who have the same passion of world politics as we do. Please make yourselves known. Send us an e-mail at and let’s have a conversation. We hope all of you enjoy the contributions on this blog. We enjoy making them.

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